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Hello there!

Welcome to our temporary collaborative home. 
While we are working on our website, we thought it may be useful if we answered a few questions you may be asking.


If you have a question we haven’t answered, please email us!

We’re a group of consultants who love collaborating. That turns out to be really good for the work that we do producing cost effective solutions to clients under budget, with every bit of quality expected, and more. 

We found out that we learn a lot from each other, are great together when helping clients, we produce cost-effective solutions of real quality and value and didn’t need to form yet another small consulting company to make it happen.  When you work with each other and clients in an authentic, flexible and results focused collaboration, you have ConsultancyHive

What is ConsultancyHive?

What should I expect from a ConsultancyHive event?

Expect to contribute. You can ask questions we haven’t even dreamed of, and we’d like to hear them. Your view is unique to you and we would love to learn about it. Be courageous, tell us what you think.

Expect to be challenged. A lot of our work is based on collecting many perspectives or models and synthesising them.  The outcomes are often both simple and compelling. We want to add value, and sometimes that comes from unexpected places. There will be people whose questions and opinions may be different to yours, but that’s the beauty of it!

About ConsultancyHive

What’s so special about ConsultancyHive?

You know how sometimes you work with someone and things just click?  We experienced that back in 2013 on a successful major client project.  So we took some time to figure out why.


  • We share meaningful values that drive the way we work with clients and each other. 

  • We have a committed mind-set about delivering the promised results and benefits.

  • We put integrity and diversity ahead of profit


That makes our collaboration with other and with our clients powerful, innovative and so much fun.
We even took the time to write a manifesto and charters for our colleagues, and for our clients.

What is it that you do, exactly?

Each of us comes from a different background and we do a lot of different things: from strategy to environmental consultancy, from marketing to learning technologies and so much more.  Traditional services might be sourced from us individually, but if you need a solution that’s unique to your business situation, or you honestly aren’t sure what you need except help – then call us.

At the core of everything that we do is a collaborative way to work with our clients that helps them either overcome an issue or achieve their next goal. We make a point of sharing knowledge and processes with our clients, what we do and how we’ve done it.  Next time they’ll have the independent capability to make it happen themselves.

We work with individuals, small teams and organisations of all sizes, and focus on enhancing performance, sustainable continuous improvement, collaborative and learning organisations, transformational change and project management.

You say “we” a lot. Who’s “we”?

Can I join?


We suggest you read the manifesto first. 

Now – be honest. Did you like it? Did it resonate with your values? If you don’t like it, even a part of it, we’d love to compare notes.  But - If the manifesto captures who you are – drop us a line and let’s talk. 


Contact ConsultancyHive
How do I contact you?

You can fill the form.


You can email us directly at


You can also get in touch via Twitter


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